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Okay so I was looking at how long ago the last episode of the podcast was published and holy damn we are some slack mofos! So on that note I am thinking of bringing back the Quickcast. For those that are unfamiliar a quickcast is a short podcast based on the news of that week usually done by just one person. It will be a 15 to 20 minute overview of the world of gaming and tech, maybe even a little bit of movie and tv time in there for good measure, with a bit of a breakdown on the major points and how it affects us as the end consumer. The quickcasts for season two will be published fridays and hopefully I’ll get time enough to also publish them as videos with just general gameplay in the background.

It would be really awesome if you guys could give me feedback on the episodes, am I covering the right stuff, is there anything I missed, do you have another viewpoint that you think needs to be heard? If we get enough of this interaction I can incorporate it in the show and we can all have a good laugh at how silly I am.

Figured it might be an idea to have a spot to download the whole archive of the old old podcast episodes. BE WARNED!! Whilst these episodes are near and dear to our hearts and we will always hold a special kind of reverent nostalgia to them, a few are extremely bad quality and are very hard to listen to. I will try to go through at some point and maybe list out some of the really bad ones so they can be avoided, because for the most part they are OK.

Anyway enough babbling here is the download link for the archive of podcasts through to 60 something. A few episodes are missing, lost to the sands of time, but they’re mostly all there.

Download Podcast Archive

GameryPodcastGlitchedIt wouldn’t be The Gamery podcast without some technical hurdles right from the outset! Blake and I recorded a podcast which was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. But now Blake is having trouble exporting his half! This time around we want to absolute best audio we can get so instead of just relying on skype or obs or something like that, we thought grabbing the audio separately and being able to smooth out any audio issues on a single person’s recording, would raise the bar a lot on the production and listenability of the podcast.

So hopefully we’ll work it out soon and Season 2 will be off and away with blazing speed!

The first episode of The Gamery Podcast Season 2 has just been recorded by Blake (DeeZie) and Myself, it will hopefully be up tomorrow at some point!

New episodes will be coming out fortnightly and will be loosely based around gaming, movies, tv shows all the usual jazz plus maybe a random philosophical conundrum or two thrown in for good measure. Please subscribe on iTunes, Google Podcast or your favourite podcast directory/service. If you can’t find us on a particular service pleas let us know via the contact page and we’ll work it out and let you know.


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