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Month: July 2016

Okay so I was looking at how long ago the last episode of the podcast was published and holy damn we are some slack mofos! So on that note I am thinking of bringing back the Quickcast. For those that are unfamiliar a quickcast is a short podcast based on the news of that week usually done by just one person. It will be a 15 to 20 minute overview of the world of gaming and tech, maybe even a little bit of movie and tv time in there for good measure, with a bit of a breakdown on the major points and how it affects us as the end consumer. The quickcasts for season two will be published fridays and hopefully I’ll get time enough to also publish them as videos with just general gameplay in the background.

It would be really awesome if you guys could give me feedback on the episodes, am I covering the right stuff, is there anything I missed, do you have another viewpoint that you think needs to be heard? If we get enough of this interaction I can incorporate it in the show and we can all have a good laugh at how silly I am.

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