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Creator of The Gamery website and all round decent dude. Aaron has been playing games since he was old enough to hold a controller and is a huge fan of most every genre. It’s a lot about the story for him but he definitely appreciates a good mechanic or FPS multiplayer.

Blake (Deezie)

New comer to The Gamery team Blake has been making content online about games and popular culture for an age. His game choice it at the opposite end of the spectrum from most of the rest of the team so hopefully we get many a vigorous discussion about what games are good.


Co Founder of The Gamery website, Josh is a gamers gamer. With a love for FPS games and letting people know what’s what in online multiplayer, his straight forward, shoot for the head style in not only gameplay but verbal discussion makes him the perfect man for the podcast. Don’t let that dissuade you though he will play most anything at least once and boast one of the largest game collections I know of.


Co Founder of The Gamery website Tom is an enigma wrapped in a metaphorical malestrom. With a deep passion for crushing noobs in the online FPS arena and letting them know exactly how their skills stack up against his own, his love for strategy and tower defense mobile games makes him a man torn between several passions. His considerable movie knowledge cannot be disregarded either as he continues to rack up hour upon hour of cinematography consumed.

Special Guests


Keyes is a very close friend of the podcast and long time special guest! Popping in every now and then one day we’ll snare him and make him part of the regular cast if we can carve time out of his busy schedule. What Keyes doesn’t know about the big games isn’t worth knowing.


Long time friend of the podcast and one time staple cast member, we know Ben will be back with us infrequently as a special guest. He’ll swing by every now and then to drop fact bombs and knowledge from his giant vaults of pure wisdom and insight about popular culture and the games industry.

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